First of all, thank you for visiting our website. We sincerely appreciate your business. I'm proud of our company and what my father started over 40 years ago. We have great people working for us (average tenure is well over 10 years) and will do what it takes to make our customers happy. If you don't see something, ask.

We specialize in custom molds; metal candle molds, resin, soap, plaster, etc. If you want something made, ask.

We thought it was time to update the old site and make it fresh; hoping it's easier to use. It's a work in progress so things will constantly change for a while. We want to make it more user friendly along the way. We're also adding video content. If there is something you'd like to see visually, let us know.

Candle Crafting

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Yaley Enterprises, Inc.
is the #1 supplier of
candle making supplies.

Deep Flex™

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Deep Flex™ molds
for different applications,
including plaster,
resin and concrete casting.


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soap & bath products
are some of the finest
available on the market!


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Deep Flex and
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