Liquid Candle Scent

Soothing amber with rich clove and spice.
Amber & Clove Candle Scent

Fresh baked apple pie laced with brown sugar and cinnamon in a buttery crust.
Apple Pie  Candle Scent

Ripe apricots with crushed cilantro and warm musk.
Apricot Cilantro Musk  Candle Scent

Lavender and precious herbs blended with wood and must fragrances
Aroma Treatment Candle Scent

Sweet basil with sliced ginger and garden mint.
Basil Ginger & Mint Candle Scent

Calming and relaxing. This scrumptious blend has a rich mocha accord on top. The heart is composed of a unique coffee accord with a touch of coconut, which rests on a bed of creamy vanilla.
Cafe Mocha Candle Scent

Fresh cantaloupe withy summer lilies and sliced pears
Cantaloupe Lily & Pear Candle Scent

Soothing chamomile and warm clove.
Chamomile & Clove Candle Scent

Soothing chamomile tea.
Chamomile & Tea Candle Scent

Festive - freshly cut Siberian fur.
Christmas Tree Candle Scent

Sweet Coconut Mango Smoothie blend with hint of vanilla.
Coco Mango Candle Scent

Fresh coconut drizzled with zesty lime and rich verbena.
Coconut Lime Verbena - BBW

Exotic citrus floral with a blend of grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine and mandarin orange. Adding a warm ginger with fir needles, geranium, peach, apple and lily. Drying down to a soft must and rose bouquet
Ginger Mango (Elton John-type)

Heavenly scent of wild bramble roses sea swept under the cool marine breezes sweetened with a touch of peach and apple nectar ending in a clean finish of cottonwood and musk.
Nantucket Rose

Sea air with a fine mist, truly refreshing and clean.
Ocean Mist Candle Scent

Tropical paradise balanced blend of fresh papaya, rich mango and chunks of pineapple.
Papaya Mango & Pineapple Candle Scent

Wild and captivating! This enticing floral paradise bouquet blends luscious peach, forbidden apple and key lime, with Spanish Moss and soft white lilies. Touches of ylang and wild rose add lasting radiance to this passionate scent.
Paradise Breeze Candle Scent

Rich patchouli balanced with freshly picked lavender.
Patchouli & Lavender Candle Scent

Blend of fresh greens and citrus
Peaceful & Placid Candle Scent

Sweet rich pear and melon with a hint of warm vanilla bean and amber.
Pear Glace - VS type Candle Scent

A playful blend of sweet spun sugar, vanilla and cotton candy brightened with sparking grapefruit, bergamot and light floral notes of a velvety base of soft woods and shimmering musk.
Pink Sugar

Therapeutic Rosemary blended with fresh picked garden mint.
Rosemary Mint Candle Scent

Rich, warm vanilla added to cinnamon, clove and a hit of rum.
Scents of Christmas Candle Scent

Fresh cut spearmint with sweet basil.
Spearmint & Basil Candle Scent

Warm pumpkin pie with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla
Spiced Pumpkin Candle Scent

Fresh citrus scents of lemon and orange blended with floral scents of jasmine and rose plus soft musk and wood fragrances
Ultimate Joy Candle Scent

Sophisticated blend of spun brown sugar, amber and rich musk accords.
Warm Vanilla Sugar - BBW type Candle Scent